Employer’s Liability to His Employee Under the Nigerian Contract of Employment



The laws which govern employment occupy a position of considerable importance in any modern society. This is so because of the tremendous contributions which workers can make to national growth and development, as well as the general well-being of the nation’s citizenry. Labour law has a vital role to play in the mobilization of the work force for national growth. The major players in employment are essentially-the employer and the employee and whenever there is a contractual relationship between these two parties, the binding contract naturally brings about rights and duties which must be complied with. Their respective rights and duties have to be analyzed wholly in contractual terms. In many civilize countries, a case study of Nigerian, it has been observed from historical antecedents, a structured favour to employers over and above the employees liability arose. [Read more…]

Rule of Law in Nigeria – Safeguarding its Practice

Rule of Law in Nigeria – Safeguarding its Practice

    Rule of Law in Nigeria – The Executive and the Rule of Law.

The powers of the executive arm of the government, is derived from the provisions of the constitution.1 The said constitution vested the executive powers of the federation on the president, vice-president, ministers and officers in the public service of the federation. It also vested the executive power of the state of the governor, deputy, commissioners and officers of the public service of the state. [Read more…]