Development Of Public Library In Nigeria



This project is on the development of public libraries in Nigeria with reference to the Imo Central Library, Owerri. Chapter one of this work traces the history of public Library development in Imo State starting from the days of the eastern Nigeria Library Board which serried as a platform for the establishment of the Imo State Central Library Owerri. Chapter two highlights the roles which a public Library can play in the society in it’s capacity as an agency of education, information, culture, recreation and asthetic appreciation. [Read more…]

School Libraries as an Effective Instrument for Achieving Excellence

School Libraries as an Effective Instrument for Achieving Excellence (A Case Study of School In Owerri Town of the Imo State)


This project work is on the “school library as an effective instrument for academic excellence of schools on Owerri town”. The aim of this research survey is to determine and examine the extent of services being rendered to library users, the stock of the library and to some extent the problems placing the library. The character and efficiency of any institution and that of its various categories of populace is adjusted by its treatment of its central organ the library along with the school, college, the news media and other manifestations of the “knowledge industry” is one of the agencies through which the institution of education exerts its influence on society, the library satisfy the basic information, education, cultural and other needs of its clienteles in their general and specific intellectual fields and pursuits. [Read more…]

A Survey of Physical Working Conditions and their Effects on Productivity of Secretaries



This study was survey of physical working conditions and their effects on productivity of the secretaries in some business establishment in Enugu urban. The population of the study consisted of 150 secretaries from the selected business establishments in Enugu urban. The sample for the study was to secretaries out of 150. Four research questions were formulated which guided the study. [Read more…]

Users Patronage in the Institute of Management and Technology


This work is the study of the user’s patronage in the institute of Management and Technology Enugu library. The research focus on the clientele use of the library. The research high-light the problems encounter by the library and solution to those problems. To achieve this study, research method was used, and also questionnaires where designed to serve as a measuring instrument for data collection. This project is divided into five chapters. Chapter one is made up of the introduction the background of the study, statement of the problem, objective of the study, research questions, Hypothesis and Definition of terms. Chapter two entails such topics as review of related literature sources of finding of academic libraries, the caliber of library staff, need for user education in academic library, users of academic library and the material needed and motivating users to make use of the library. Chapter three is made up of Design of the study, Area of the study, Population, Sample and Sampling Technique, Treatment procedure, instrumentation, validity of instrument/ Test, Distribution and retrieval of the instruments and Data analysis technique. Chapter four Presentation and Analysis of Data, presentation and data/findings, Data Analysis interpretation/Discussion of findings Chapter five, summary, Conclusion, Recommendation Suggestions for further studies bibliography/reference and appendices.



Library is the back bone of every sound education. Library is regarded as the store house of information and knowledge. Students should be able to use the library to enable them solve their problems. They need to acquire information in order to expand their knowledge and understanding; students should use the library to do their assignments, research and preparation of their examination. Regular consultation of library materials can help students to achieve them.

According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, library is defied as a room or building containing books that can be looked at or borrowed or a set of books, records etc. that are produced by the same company and have the same general appearance.

According to encyclopedia Americana, the word library is derived from the Latin word libber. Meaning “book” the library initially stocked collections of clay tablets, papyrus and even scrolls were housed in libraries long before the concept of the book emerged.

In other words the library is a place where books and non book materials are kept for consultation of the users. Library is referred as a store house of information. Library stores the intellectual records of the society, retrieve and decimate them for the benefit of the society. Library as an institution has the responsibility of collecting books and other information materials and make them available to people for reading, study or reference.

People use library resources to obtain information of personal interest or to obtain recreational materials such as films and novels. Students use library to supplement and enhance their classroom experiences, to learn skills in locating sources of information and to develop good reading and study habits. Public officers use libraries to research on legislation and public policy issues. They provide information and services that are important to learning and progress.



Users patronage of the institute of management and Technology Enugu library.

The institute of management and Technology Enugu library was as old as parent organization. It was established in 1973. The library was formerly located in campus (II) of the institution with a branch in campus (III). But in 2002, the library was located in campus (III) fully with the construction of new library of congress in campus III. The library has 480,000 volumes of books. It has been growing from strength to strength. The library consists of the following Sections/Departments. Cataloguing and classification Department, Bindery and acquisition Department, Serials/ Government Document Department.



This project is to find out the problems that libraries in our Country are facing, for example inadequate use of library both Academic library and other types of libraries inadequate trained staff or libraries who will be guiding or directing students.

Poor finding of the libraries, especially Academic library, it faces the problem of money to acquire their materials. Un conducive atmosphere such as noisy environment.

   Inadequate strategic position where the library should be situated for easy entrance of people, for effective use of library by students and others, these problems must be solved.



The purpose of this study is to investigate the quality of students’ patronage of the institute of management and Technology library Enugu as stated in the following objectives.

  • To determine who are the users of the institute of management and Technology Enugu library.
  • To find out what collection development exists in the library.
  • To asses the teaching of use of library.
  • To find out how effectively the library holdings will made use of the library.
  • To examine the quality of the library staff.



This study is focused on the users patronage of the institute of management and Technology Enugu library. This study is within the institution. The students to study are the old students, this group of peoples are choose because they have been in the school for a long period. They have acquainted with the school environment.


1.5  SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY               

Since Academic library is part of the parent organization, students of the institution are advice to be making effective use of library because it was established for the benefit of students. Academic library plays a vital role of teaching, research, dissemination of information and serve people that live around the area. In academic library, materials are provided to support learning as well provides materials that will assist students in their own personal reading and self development. This project serves as a reference point of other schools and libraries because after reading it amendment can be made to their own library. It helps them to know the areas where they will play a vital role in the educational upliftment of the student in the library. It will serve as a reference point to the researchers as well as draw the attention of the government both state and federal government to the importation of library to an individual. It will attract the attention of those students who find it difficult to use library, it will help them to make library their second home.


1.6a       RESEARCH QUESTIONS                   

[1]    Who are the users of the institute of Management and Technology Enugu library?

[2]    What collection development problems exist in the library?

[3]    How effectively is the library holdings are made use of?

[4]    How does the library staff relate to students in finding their needed information?

1.6b       HYPOTHESIS

[1]    The students of institute of Management and Technology Enugu are the users’ of institute of Management and Technology Enugu library.

[2]    The collection Development problems exist in the institute of Management and Technology Enugu library are science and engineering materials.

[3]    The library holdings are made effectively in the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu library everyday but the peak period is during the examination.

[4]    The staff of the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu library helps them in finding their needed information.                                                                                                                                                                 


According to oxford Advance Learners Dictionary. User’s are defined as a person or thing that uses something.

Patronage is defined as the support, especially financial, that is given to a person or to an organization by a portion.

According to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, Institution is defined as a large important organization that has a particular purpose for example a University or bank.

According to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary Management is defined as the act of running and controlling a business or similar organization.

According to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary Technology is defined as scientific knowledge used in practical ways in industry, for example in designing new machine.

According to Advanced Learners Dictionary, Library is defined as a building in which collections of books, tapes, news papers etc are kept for people to read, study or borrow.

The Classification and Knowledge Development by Technical Librarians in Academic Libraries



The major purpose of this work was to investigation classification and knowledge development by technical librarians in academic libraries in Anambra State it was also directed to find out the factors militating against effective knowledge development in academic libraries, survey design was considered most appropriate and was adopted. The population of the study was 400,000 people while the sample sizes was 400 respondents selected using the Taro Yamane formula for sample selection. [Read more…]