A Survey Of Parents Attitude Towards Family Planning



This research was to find out the parents attitude towards family planning in Aguata Local Government Area. The study aimed at finding out how parents react to family irrespective of gender and religious inclination. To carry out the research three (3) research questions were structured. Questionnaire instrument was used to collect data from three villages selected from the study. The research questions were analyzed using statistical mean. From the data analyzed, the researcher observed that parents attitude towards family planning that they have a positive attitude towards the family planning, Gender and religious inclination have no significant influence on the attitude of parents towards family planning. Based on the findings, he recommended the government should establish family planning units in various communities of the Federation with adequate facilities and trained personnel. Finally it was suggested that similar studies could be under taken in other local government area in Anambra State. 

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1.1 Background of the Study

There are many inter linked problems facing humanity in this twenty first (21st) century but that of the rapid rate of population of the world has continued to be on the increase is as a result of a scientific industrial revolution which occurred about the eighteenth (18th) century the great revolution brought death rate so low to better sanitation and control of disease. Then increased number survived to reach their reproductive years and being human, they give birth to children.

Most the political unrest which results in revolutions was brought about either directly or indirectly as result of population problems. This high rate of growth in population is one of the major obstacles to economic development and one of the causes of the biting unemployment in the country today.

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Beside that, the country is played with incidence of teenage pregnancies, abandoned children, illegal abortion and material resulting from other not spacing their children well-Akimboye J.O (2005). There is no proper care for these children.

The main problem in world population is the growing imbalance between the number of human beings and the resources available to meet their needs in such areas as food, job, housing, health services. The solution to these problem may be provided through the approach of family planning.

Family planning can be said to be the method that parents adopt in order to regulate the number of children they want to have. Amobi N.C. (2006).

The essence of family planning is to limit the size of one’s family with the interest of both parents and children.

Family planning is a way of birth limitation policies adequate interval between birth and improve the well being of mother and children. Therefore all parents have their children. They will also have the information education and the means to do so.

Family planning is not new in Nigeria in which Aguata Local Government Area is not exception. Family planning is an act that existed since the beginning of mankind. Most people in this Aguata Local Government Area are ignorant on the fact that birth control does not mean that one should stop bearing children. There is a transparent ignorant of the concept of family planning in Nigeria compared to what is obtained in other countries. Ajayi B.R. (2008). This has resulted in many women having up to ten (10) children or more. This lack of control over child bearing has contributed to population growth at a very tremendous rate. The fact should bring to the attention of every married couple that it is necessary for them to plan their family. This will make their children to be a blessing to them rather than a curse.

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1.2 Statement of the Study

The issue of family planning has generally a lot of controversies even in most developing countries like Nigeria. In developed countries like America and India, they are taking the threat of over population serious. Adi (2010).

To minimize the population growth, they adopted one or two children policies but in Nigeria, the reverse is the case.

The children born of these unplanned pregnancies are denied the essential amenities of life because their pregnancies are not prepared for. There is also high rate of material even child birth as a result of improper or lack of family planning.

Greater number of children roams about the street for lack of adequate parental care. Couples, especially most women don’t like family planning because of most of its side effect. Therefore, the researcher sought to find out attitude of parents towards family planning.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

       The broad purpose of the study was to find out the attitude of parents towards family planning.

Specifically, the study sought to,

  1. To find out the attitude of pregnant towards family planning.
  2. To identify the side effect dangers of family planning
  3. To identify the importance of family.

1.4 Significance of the Study

              This expected that at the end of this research, it will be of great importance to young girls intending couples, already married couples to plan on number of children they should have and their birth intervals to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

This study will also provide imperial evidence on the attitude of parents in Aguata Local Government Area Anambra State towards family planning information and types of family planning method available to them. This information will be useful in:-

  • Planning strategies for disseminating information and materials on family planning
  • Identifying and removing an obstacle that hinders the teaching, adoption of family planning in School, Churches, and Family planning clinics.
  • Erasing the belief that family planning has harmful side effects.
  • It will help to keep mother fit and healthy after birth.
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1.5 Scope of the Study

       This study is delimited to attitude of parents towards family planning in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State.

1.6 Research Questions

  1. What are the attitudes of parents towards family


  1. What are the danger/side effects of family


  1. What are the importances of family planning?


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